Food Grade Ink Info

1No one wants food that has rotted or is been produced at a lower quality so why would you want anything around or on the food to be of less quality?

This is where Needham ink comes in handy.

Needham ink only makes the highest quality ink for any type of food around. Needham ink specializes in food ink and can make fluid inks for all different types of food which which can then be directly applied onto and around the food safely.

All ink made by Needham ink is fast drying, odor free and also self disinfecting to help maintain the highest standards and meet the quality specifications which are required across the globe. They also come in a ever growing selection of colors as well to help better suit your needs for any type of food products. With Needham ink you can be sure the ink on any of the foods will be safe and also have a nice, ever widening range of colors and contrast so that anyone can read easily the print on the foods.

Needham ink is perfect for all types of food including vegetables, all kinds of dairy products, meat and many other various types of food. With the quality and safety specifications there is no need to worry about the ink that is on any of the food that it is applied to.

Needham ink is not only the perfect solution for food based ink but also for a variety of other surfaces as well including cans, bags of various textures, drink cans and bottles as well as cardboard surfaces. Needham food grade ink is the perfect solution for any type of surface and you can be guaranteed that it will meet up to any specification that is required by law and regulations across the globe.


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