Edible Identification


The world has become a complicated place to do business. The regulations and laws that have been created has produced a rather tight operating arena. The need for technology that will navigate this tricky avenue is very beneficial to a company. The many ways to identify and track your product has been a constant, on going strategy since business started thousands of years ago. The right decision, on the technique, that will identify and maintain accountability of your specific product is important. This choice can stabilize a company’s position forward into the next generation and beyond.

The development of food grade ink has seriously upgraded food accounting, packaging, and tracking. This technology can be a great asset for the accountability in the identification and inventory tracking process. The ease of application rarely effects the industries existing mode of handling and distribution making implementation easy and affordable. Food grade ink application greatly reduces the shrink associated with the distribution process, thus providing the implementing company the enjoyment of higher profit margins. The implementation of food grade ink into the business of food accountability can also reduce the danger involved with moving food. The specific type food product can be identified, and then tracked, early in the handling process.

This allows the positive identification of a specific product while in the acquisition phase. Allowing tracking from the point of origin before, or after, it is combined with other like products. This will maintain valuable source information in case of an outbreak or danger of a contamination. Profit is all about accountability and control in the food distribution process. Be smart and safe and implement food grade ink into your companies food distribution process, allowing maximum safety and inventory control. This will in turn provide maximum profit margins for your company and it’s shareholders.