Food Grade Inks and What They Are Used For

Food Grade Inks and What They Are Used For.1

Here is a trivia question, how many of us look at the labels stamped on the food we buy? Odds are we have if we are looking for the best by date which tells us how fresh the item truly is. But have we ever taken the time to think about the ink being used to stamp our food either for brand or freshness. This isn’t the average ink that might be found in an ink pen or even in the office place stamping documents. No, this ink is a special grade, it has to be fast drying, have no odor and in some cases be safe for consumption. Turns out that this ink isn’t one size fits all. There are actually different types of food grade ink that is on different types of food. Here is the different types and what they are used for.

Stamping directly on food.

This type of food grade ink is usually seen more on fruits such as apples or oranges. With the orange no big deal odds are it will be peeled with the ink being thrown out. But with the apple it’s another issue usually the peel is eaten as well. So, it’s vitally important to ensure that this form of ink has to be non-toxic is safe to be consumed.

Stamping on Plastic Sealed Bags

This is one of the places where an individual starts looking for the freshness stamp. The type food ink used on plastic bags, pouches, boxes and even egg cartons is the kind that has to with-hold much handling. In other words the ink has to remain readable for quite some time and not fade regardless of storage time.

Stamping on Cans and Glass Bottles

The grade of food ink used on cans must also be able to remain fade resistant. It must also be compatible to being stamped directly onto metal. The food ink used on glass and even plastic bottles can be similar in grade.

Food Ink Moving Forward

These are some of the types of various food inks used . As you can see it can be quite a process and not as simple as it may have seemed. So, from now on we may not be looking at the expiration date we see on our food quite the same way.


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