Choosing a Food Quality Ink for your Brand


Food manufacturers are constantly trying to find the highest quality products for their customers so that they can stand out from their competition. While many people think of sourcing of food items when they are concerned about ingredient qualities one area that is overlooked is food grade inks.

The role of food grade ink in packaged food items

Food grade inks are essential ingredients in modern food products and are used to add to the appeal of products, to promote various brands, to help customers to differentiate between different products and flavors, and for purely decorative reasons. Choosing a high quality food grade ink for a food maker will often expand the options available to them and allow the food maker to engineer a more attractive product. Food ink that is of a lesser quality will often lead to a lower viscosity to the ink which will run and lead to misspelled words or unattractive food products that are simply undesirable to look at.

Further lesser quality food grade ink can have additives in it that can be harmful to consumers, or may simply be perceived as being harmful to consumers health, both of which can lead to a reduction of revenues for a food maker. A company should be cognizant of the risks associated with food grade inks and research the brands and the quality of the ingredients that they use in their food grade ink.

It is a good idea to choose a brand that has an established reputation in the industry as doing so will lower your overall risk. Further these makers of food grade ink often have better overall products that are of a higher quality so be sure to do the research on your suppliers before adding them to your product rather than choosing the most affordable option.